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Rock on

As the name suggests we’re strong, steady, constant and reliable. We’ll always be there in the background when you need us. Our particular ‘Rock formation’ might be relatively new but we sit on foundations of experience and skill gained over many years and in many different types of business...


First fix

We know a bit about what we’re doing and we know that if a piece of your kit stops working - whether it’s a small bottle cooler or a walk-in coldroom - you need it fixing fast. That’s why, wherever possible, we’ll work our hardest to get you back up and running straight away - it’s our ‘first fix ethos’





What we do - and who we do it for

It’s easy really, we specialise in the repair, maintenance and service of all commercial refrigeration equipment within the hotel, leisure and retail industries, so that’s anywhere from sandwich shops to corner shops, hotel chains to pub chains. We’re happy taking care of all sorts of kit from bottle coolers to walk-in cold rooms, ice machines to air conditioning systems. If you need a one-off repair of an under-counter fridge or a full blown maintenance contract on your complete kitchen kit - we’ll fix it




Good relationships

Our customers are our priority but it’s nice to be friends with everyone - sometimes you’ll need parts to be ordered, which is why we’ve established accounts with the nation’s best refrigeration suppliers - so that we can ensure a speedy and cost effective turn around, whatever your problem



Experience and integrity

With 25 years experience in commercial refrigeration we’ve pretty much seen it all and have been wearing the t-shirt for ages. We take care of bottle coolers, cold rooms, freezer rooms, blast chillers, refrigerated cabinets, all makes of ice machine, cellar cooling and even air conditioning systems. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your fault without any flannel and sort it as quickly and efficiently as we can. We’re well qualified too and are of course up to date with all the necessary industry standard safe handling requirements and insurances you’d expect

Rock… around the clock

Refrigeration equipment doesn’t always pack up Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm so we offer customers a call out option...we’re workaholics so, for those customers that take out a maintenance contract with us, we give you the peace of mind of being able to call us out 7 days a week

Call us : 07801 289 434


Call us : 07801 289 434

We’re always up for a chat so if you need to discuss your requirements and how we

might be able to help you keep things cool, you need to speak to Craig on 07801 289434
You could email him too at

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